Who is Commomy Decor? Make Your Wall Decor Easy, Fun, and Affordable!

Commomy Decor

As a company, Commomy Decor provides wall decoration solutions for families. We love our work and feel honored when we see our customers happy with the results of our products. We create solutions, manufacturing our decoration products, such as 3D Wall Decor TilesBacksplash Wall Tiles and Wall Decals. We have a wide variety of designs to bring unique styles to the walls.

Besides, we not only offer a wide range of wall decoration products, but we also focus on using sustainable materials for our clients. we are well known for that we can help our clients to  finish the wall decoration easy and fast with affordable cost.


Our History

Our story begins a few years ago, specifically, we discovered that people have to spend a lot of time to design and purchase materials to decor the wall, which will cost a lot of time and money. Aware of this and the obstacles that can arise in the process of designing and manufacturing our products, at Commomy Decor we wanted to change something of the wall decoration.

Our entry into the industry has always been accompanied by the enthusiasm to innovate and look for ingenious solutions to help people. With the help of professional designers and materials engineers, we design and manufacture excellent products, which are made of Eco-friendly material and have the function of self-adhesive, just peel and stick, then you can accomplish the wall decoration very fast and easy.

COMMOMY-3D PVC colorful peel and stick wall tiles

We are not a conventional company, we seek to connect and help people just like you; offering original wall decorating solutions. In Commomy Decor we think that this whole matter of decorating walls should be something unique, something fun and something with which people can feel identified and can be a pleasant memory for the rest of their lives.


Our values

Understanding our customers has been vital to us because over the years we have been able to consolidate a business model where we have dazzling products that can be adjusted to the economic limits of our customers and satisfy their design preferences.

Thanks to our motto "Make it easy, fun, and affordable", we change the stigma of wall decorating and encourage people to purchase high-quality wall decorating products whose designs you will find with us.  

Do you want to decorate the walls of your home or office? Commomy Decor will be your best choice.