Unique Backsplash Ideas
You’ll Want to Steal

Trends may come and go, but these popular backsplash tile ideas for kitchens are must-knows for anyone considering a reno.

Even if determining it’s time to tackle a kitchen renovation is an easy decision, picking the details of that renovation can be less so—especially when it comes to picking just one backsplash tile idea. The addition of a kitchen backsplash can take a space from pretty standard to completely impressive, but for such a small-scale add-on, it’s a challenging choice.


With kitchen trends constantly shifting, being confident that a backsplash tile idea will last as long as the kitchen does—a few years, at least—isn’t always a sure thing. Trends in larger kitchen features such as appliances, countertops, and kitchen cabinet paint colors seem to be all over the place, popping up, disappearing, and then making a comeback every few years, and kitchen backsplash designs are in the same boat.

An increasing flexibility in kitchen decorating means kitchen trends have a little more staying power, though, and being on-trend isn’t the end-all, be-all it once was. Remember the days when it was white kitchen or bust? Now, kitchen color schemes are gaining a little more variety, and backsplash tile ideas are doing the same.

Of course, with more kitchen backsplash pictures floating around, it’s more important than ever to know what backsplash tile ideas suit your style and taste. Subway tiles aren’t the only trending choice anymore. Kitchens have backsplashes of all different colors, tile shapes, backsplash designs, and more, and finding the right look is a matter of being aware of all the backsplash tile ideas out there and knowing which one will look best.

These kitchen backsplash pictures feature kitchen tile backsplash ideas of all different styles. Take a look, and take note of which is most eye-catching for you—it could be the perfect look to give the kitchen that polished finish.


Gray Rhombus Backsplash

Is gray the new white? Maybe not, but a pop of gray can spice up any all-white kitchen. (Bonus points if it has an irregular shape, like these rhombus-shaped tiles.)


Blue Stone Backsplash

Many modern kitchen are now aiming for a monochromatic look in white, grey, or black, with simple silver hardware. These kitchens look great but also offer the opportunity to liven them up with a bold kitchen backsplash, like this blue stone.Small accents of color allow you to combine modern stylings with a personal twist that makes your kitchen really memorable.


White Herringbone Backsplash

Give backsplash tiles of any color an unexpected arrangement with a L-shape backsplash pattern. Try alternating colors or finishes (glossy and matte, for example) for extra pizazz.


Black Subway Backsplash

A black backsplash is a surprising twist that will have every visitor admiring your daring. Try tiles with varying finishes for a slightly softer look, or go with a uniform tile for a sharp, contemporary kitchen.


Mosaic Backsplash Tile


Mosaic might be a little retro, but in the right kitchen, these little tiles pop.