5 Tips for Decorating Your Organization's Halls with 3D Peel and Stick Wall Tiles

If you are responsible for an organization, a company, institution, firm or NGO; you need to take public relations into account. Reputation is a valuable currency when it comes to dealing with the public. The reputation of an organization can be affected by many factors, one of which is its appearance.

While this may sound shallow to some; the effect an imposing facade can have in inspiring confidence for whoever enters the offices, can be very important. An impressive wall tile mural design is much more appealing than blank walls or flat colors.

However, if you want to decorate your organization’s halls, you might be tempted with choosing less expensive options, despite the potential impact on your image.

But, you can have both a good design and lower your expenses by using 3D peel and stick wall tiles from Commomy Decor. The material and design give you the much needed depth, and you can emulate materials like wood, brick, stone and marble with ease.


Faux Stone Panels Peel and Stick for Accent Wall Decor

In addition, using these lightweight tiles, you save yourself the problems that come with installing, transporting or replacing heavy or fragile decorations; particularly if your design incorporates complex patterns in marble.

And yet, the process is still not as simple as picking one type of tile and plastering your walls with it; you want to build an image, and that requires thought and finesse. Read the following tips in order to make stunning lobby wall designs.

1. Consider the style that fits your organization

The key to decorate your organization’s halls is to maintain a consistent tone. You will not be seeing a banking giant using rusting elements of decoration; they will be making extensive use of marble, treated wood and other high class materials.

If you are a small organization or one that is more community oriented, you will be better off with 3d faux brick tiles peel and stick or distressed wood wall tiles. This help to maintain a more “lived in” or “down to earth” feel, the rustic design making sure you are easily reachable by the people you work for.

However, if you work with a more affluent clientele, you can use marble patterns or more abstract designs.

One final thing to consider is contrast; think of the colors your organization uses, and work towards complementing or contrasting it. Bright colors benefit from darker tiles and vice versa. Light can also affect how two different colors can interact with each other. If you are not completely sure about how the colors would clash, do not hesitate to ask for assistance.


2. Make a well designated area for the tiles

Now, while the tiles offered by Commomy Decor can be cut to fit on any wall, this is not what this is about. Depending on the style you have chosen, you may or may not have a material or pattern that is complex or may have high contrast within itself; this means that if you cover an entire wall with such a pattern, you might lose readability.

Instead, you could use two different sets of tiles. For example, a set of distressed wood wall tiles for most surfaces and a grey brick wall tile or similar, to serve as an accent for any signs you may need.


3D Faux Brick Panels for Living Room Wall Decor

3. Ensure the tiles are well placed

This may sound obvious at first glance, but a single hole or mismatch in the tiles can stick out like a sore thumb. If you are using more than one type of wall tile, you need to check their dimensions, as some of Commomy’s designs have different sizes.

If you want to have some space between the designs, you need to take that into account; otherwise, you can still cut the tiles as needed. You can achieve some impressive wall tile designs by combining different types of tiles.

One trick you can use is playing with orientation. You can use some tiles in a diagonal grid, then surround this diagonal combination with a normal square grid, and use the cut off spaces to fill in the holes as needed.

Subway stick tiles are especially suited for horizontal alignments, while marble or wood can be used for diagonal or vertical alignments.


4. Keep the complex designs to rooms

There are two types of designs when it comes to walls: Rooms and hallways. Decorating a room is a good opportunity to create wall tile designs to draw attention to an important area. This is where you should be placing the bulk of your wall tiles.

Hallways are meant to connect areas, so people should not be drawn to look at intricate designs. A singular stripe of tiles following along the hallway can suffice. However, there are some hallways that are indeed wide enough to accommodate full designs, so do not outright disregard them.

The most important room is the entrance. A good first impression is important, and so is establishing a lobby wall design that will naturally attract people coming in to the reception desk.


3D Faux Wood Tiles Peel and Stick for Living Room

5. Consider other factors as well

When making your design, aesthetics will take center stage, but there are other factors. How much interaction will a particular area have? This can affect the wear and tear a tile can be exposed to, usually from nearby traffic or cleaning carts bumping into the walls in bus areas.

There is also the inevitable need to replace a damaged tile. Some tile types are significantly easier to remove and replace than others, depending on how large the grid is. Subway tiles are easier to remove and fit together than square tiles, for instance.

Overall, a good lobby wall design will take the first four tips into consideration, but the fifth one is still very important for organizations that have to deal with constant expenses; constant replacing can quickly eat through revenue.

With good planning, your organization will easily turn interior decoration into a great advantage, a subtle source of respect that can greatly affect business in the future.Here is something interesting for our readers: Fun ideas for your 3D PVC Wall Panels you never would have thought of. And, you can get some more home decoration suggestions from My Decorative and The Spruce


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