Using Home Wall Decor To Feed Your Children's Imaginations In 2022

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Allowing your children to express themselves and let their imagination grow wild is a very important aspect of their growth. It allows them to develop mentally and will lead them to be able to explore different ideas and viewpoints more thoroughly.

This expresses itself during childhood as fantasy: playing as knights in castles, dinosaur riders, space explorers and so much more. So, what better way to help them immerse themselves than to build the perfect scenery?

By using home wall decor to set up the background to fit, they will enjoy their role playing games to an entirely new level; they might even end up taking it a step further, and use their imaginations to physically create new things. Imagine your child learning how to use wood to build a little home for their action figures or dolls, all on their own!

In addition, you will be creating beautiful memories that will stay with them long after they have reached adulthood. They will look back on those times they played in their rooms in complete freedom with the most joyful nostalgia possible, maybe even deciding to do the same for their kids.

Can a wall tile really achieve all of this?

If you are asking this specific question, you are looking at it the wrong way. The panels and decorations from Commomy are not the motive, but rather the method of achieving it. This means that it all depends on your ability to create a room for your kids to play and grow in.

Think of it as a play. Does the stage make the play, or do the actors? However, a good play still needs the proper scenery to reach its full potential. Having the proper items to play with, will allow your children to play with more advanced terms of their fantasy.

Think once again of them role playing as knights in some fantasy world. Without a castle to work with, they are most likely just going to go on quests or duels; add a castle to the mix, and now they can rescue a princess, or defend it against a besieging dragon.

And how would I do this, then?

Sure, it sounds complicated, but far from it. It is actually just a more thoughtful way of decorating your wall. All you need is the right wall tiles, tiles or decorations and the right creative decoration ideas.

If you are up to it, you might even want to have different materials for each wall. For instance, cobblestone or brick tiles for dungeons, wood for inns, and so on.

Another factor is to not use tiles on the entirety of the wall, but rather have them as very specific points of interests. Painting a field of green meadows under blue skies, and then cut and use some cobblestone tiles for a castle, wooden tiles for trees in a thick forest, and so on. Using Commomy 3D wall tiles this way will add a physical factor to the fantasy.

Now, this is all focused on medieval fantasy, but if you are creative enough, you can find plenty more options; perhaps using mosaic tiles in specific ways for more futuristic designs, or customizing your tiles or tiles by painting or cutting them in specific shapes.

Another alternative is to give the kids something they do not see every day. City kids would like to see wooden rustic cabins to imagine being on the mountains, while those on the countryside might be more fascinated with the glitz of urban life, making subway tiles a good basis. The key is to use creative decoration ideas to bring them something different.

Making the setup a fun activity

A good idea is to let the kids help in placing the home wall decor. Depending on how attentive they are to these things, results might vary; but the point of it is to let them create stuff as well.

Of course, placing panels or tiles might be a bit too precise for them; but, for example, you could let them decide where the castle (cobblestone) would go, or where to place a lumberyard or cabin (distressed wood).

You might want to add other elements as well. Want to plant a little flag? Let them design one and make it out of small scraps of cloth, then pin it on the wall with a toothpick or a gardening stick.

Setting up boundaries

However, even though you are doing this to feed their imaginations, you do have to set some limits. Kids sometimes go a little bid overboard with their ideas, and it should be your decision when to agree with them, when to compromise and when to simply say “no”.

Saying “no” can be due to them wanting something that simply is not affordable or feasible, or because you know their creative decoration idea is not going to work or would actually be bad for them. In terms of decorations, this means you might want to set some boundaries just for the sake of keeping consistency.

Sure, you could paint your Commomy wall tiles in bright neon pink, but will your kids still like it after a day, let alone a week? You need to remember your walls should still be pleasant to look at.

Creating great memories

After all is said and done, you can join in the fun with your kids. Is that beautiful castle home wall decor about to be attacked by the dragon? Be the wise king asking the young heroes to save the kingdom, or even be the dragon itself, roaring as you challenge said heroes.

You can create all manner of beautiful experiences for your family, which they will remember fondly for years to come. In the future, there will come a time where your kids, now adults; will come up with the brilliant idea to decorate the walls with fun things for their kids, just like you did before, creating a new family tradition in the process. And you can get more information from the My Decorative  and The Spruce.