Fun Ideas for Your 3d Peel and Stick Wall Tiles You Never Would Have Thought of

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The art of creative usage can be summed up with four simple words: “Not The Intended Use”. This does not mean using items in an unsafe manner, but rather to find an unexpected new use for something you may already have.

Examples of creative usage can range from something as small as turning a coffee mug into a pot for a small plant to something as large as cutting an old car in half to have the chassis serve as a cool piece of furniture. These ideas can lead to plenty of recycling, but the most emphasis is put into finding new purposes for things.

So, considering this can be applied to nearly everything, then finding new uses for 3d pvc peel and stick wall tiles should be a piece of cake.


Of course, there is a bit of a challenge here: tiles are by nature simple when it comes to design; a square or rectangle that you place on your wall. However, do not think for a second this can limit the uses you can find for it.

If you find yourself a bit constrained in your creativity, here are some fun ideas for your 3d pvc peel and stick wall tiles in order to get you started.

Using tiles for surfaces in general

Granted, Commomy 3D peel and stick wall tiles are specifically designed for walls, but what is stopping you from using them on your tables, counters or other pieces of furniture? A good herringbone marble tile set can look fantastic on certain tabletops for starters. If you can get a glass pane set above the tiles, you can even incorporate more 3D designs you would otherwise be inconvenienced by on regular use.

Just take a look around your house and look at any and all surfaces you could use these tiles on, and imagine what any of the tiles from Commomy Decor would look like. Of course, some of them are simply not going to look any good, but there might be some gems hidden in plain sight. It is all a matter of perspective and imagination.

COMMOMY-3D PVC colorful peel and stick wall tiles

How about not using them as tiles at all?

There are plenty of other new uses for 3D PVC wall tiles. Another good angle for you to approach would be to make use of the textures of the tiles themselves. Fans of building models and dioramas often make their own bases or “terrains” out of simple flat cardboard, and they proceed to add topography, greenery, debris and other terrain features themselves.

With a 3D PVC wall tile set as a base, it all becomes a matter of using the already existing textures to your advantage. Suddenly, the creases between faux bricks can be turned into canals or streets for you to base your large scale city dioramas.

Other textures can be painted over to become something else entirely, from an inside view of a sewer to a far off sci-fi space colony, a little color change and extra additions can make your fun ideas for pvc wall tiles into the basis to a beautiful creation.


Add a new dimension to the mix

Remember, these tiles are squares with a certain amount thickness, so what if you made them into 3d shapes as well? Simply glue them together into the figures you want, and if you have need of triangles, hexagons or other shapes, you can simply cut the tiles as well. In addition, the leftover pieces can be used to add details, in order to make the surfaces look more complex.

These small details are often referred to as “greebles”, and can be anything from simple small cubes or squares to any more complex combinations of wires, cables, sprockets or anything that serves no purpose other than looking more interesting than a flat surface.


Using paint, stencils, airbrushes and spray paints

Another fun idea for your 3d pvc peel and stick wall tiles is to change the original panel into something entirely new. The basis of this is, of course, color. But there are several approaches you could take to it.

Careful use of airbrushes can lead to a brick wall of ancient stones and moss, while flat paint coats with a spray painted design becomes a recreation of modern streets, and so on.


Meanwhile, you can also use stencils to carve additional details to emulate wear and tear. That beautiful marble tile can be chipped, cracked and broken, with the aforementioned airbrushing techniques to make an ancient ruin. Narrow striped wood can be carved to add fictional or historical designs, or even simple tally marks to give it more personality.

All of these techniques can be used to make scenery for photos, plays, movies or even models, and you could even use small strips of differently colored tiles to construct dioramas of different layers of soil, construction and more; perfectly suited for school projects!

commomy decor

Do not be afraid to experiment

One sure part of trying out new things is failing. This is natural, and, unless you are cutting or carving the tiles, you can always start over or try something else. Even when you cut something and the idea fizzles out, you can always repurpose the material for something new. Who knows what the next small tree or greeble for your diorama might come from?

The key is to always find a new angle to see things from, and with every setback, make use of what is left to start your new idea. Any mistake or failure, no matter how complete it may seem, can be salvaged and repurposed towards your next choice. And you can get some more home decoration suggestions from the Totally Home Improvement and the Home Improvement Help Resource

In fact, the more you work, the more new uses for pvc wall tiles you will come up with. All you need is the push to get started, and your mind will do the rest.

The best part is, thanks to the versatility of Commomy’s wall tiles and home decorations, you will always have a solid foundation to manifest and enhance your ideas. As long as you are not doing anything dangerous, anything goes, so go wild!