How Do I Use 3D Wall Tiles For My Walls

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Picture the scene: you are invited to your friend’s house, as you step through the door and take a seat, you feel empty, awkward, as if people were only meant to stay here for a couple of hours. But why do you feel that? You look around and notice the walls are just completely bare!

People often underestimate the impact of decorating their walls. A house lacking decoration, while functional, is just not appealing whatsoever; they are the key to making the place yours, as they are a reflection of your personality.

And as they are good way to express yourself, it is important to do it right. This is why using 3D artwork for your walls is a significantly better alternative to traditional options; the added depth and ease of use offer you both quality and flexibility. Without needing to be an expert; you only need to use what you like, however you like it!

Using Commomy’s 3D Wall Tiles will let you choose from a wide variety of styles that will fit your designs no matter the size.

Choosing a design

The first step is to make a design of what you want in your wall. This may be anything from a simple accent on an otherwise empty wall, to a more elaborate design of several pieces; you have to think about the colors you want, the materials you want to see and how you are going to place them.

Commomy has several types of 3D artwork for your walls, including:

  • Faux brick wall tiles, imitating the look of bricks, bringing a classic urban look without compromising the wall paint below.
  • Marble wall tiles in multiple pattern types, with all the benefits of tile work without the time-consuming and expensive process of installing each individual tile.
  • Distressed wood wall tiles of different types and patterns, for adding a rustic touch; it can be assembled in separate tiles without losing their appeal.
  • Vintage art tiles, coming in anything from leather pattern to bohemian grids, cobblestone walls or colorful flower diamonds.

While you can use these to cover your entire wall with no problem; you can also use them more sparingly, covering specific sections depending on your vision. Keep in mind; you will need a completely flat surface to use the tiles.

Installing the Wall Tiles

Once you have committed to a design, purchasing and installing is by far the easiest part. Commomy’s 3D Wall Tiles come in different sizes, depending on the pattern chosen, so you should measure the surface you will cover before ordering.

Afterwards, during installation, you may also have to cut a tile to fit. Clean the surface thoroughly, removing all dust and keeping the wall dry; then peel the adhesive from the tile, just like a sticker and paste.

On most tile patterns, you will have to place them right next to each other for a seamless appearance. However, patterns like wood present opportunities for separation; clearly separate but still adjacent wooden tiles can look very appealing. As the tiles can be placed on the wall to preview them easily, you can experiment before committing.

The process is extremely simple; you can achieve the same results when decorating your walls in a couple of hours than what you would have installing actual woodwork or tiles, at a fraction of the cost!

A tool for creativity

The nature of these 3D Wall Tiles means that they lend themselves for multiple types of situations. You can place them in different positions, turning square grids into diamond patterns.

Depending on the area you wish to cover, you could also mix and match. A wall of stone, but a central triangular cutout of wood; this can be achieved with proper planning and cutting. You can use different patterns of the same sizes to create interesting combinations and designs that can be just as visually appealing as any artwork you already have.

You can also easily use this 3D artwork for your walls for other applications:

  • Use them on sliding doors to create fake walls, perfect for kids to play and exercise their imaginations.
  • Use them on surfaces you want to be able to hang portraits in without damaging the walls, as long as you take the thickness of the tileinto account.
  • For those more artistically inclined, you can also decorate the tiles in your own way, as the foam material can be repainted safely.
  • The same foam material also helps with noise and temperature, meaning you improves your acoustics and keep the heat in control without losing on aesthetics.

There are several other uses besides walls, if you are creative enough. Place them between glass layers on a table for a more impressive set, cut down tiles and use them as ground when building scale models, or even set up backgrounds for taking special pictures. Not the intended use, but still a lot of fun.

Maintaining your walls

An often overlooked aspect of using your Wall Tiles is making sure they last. Fortunately for you, the 3D decorative Wall Tiles from Commomy are not heavy when it comes to maintenance. All you need to do is to keep the tiles away from heat sources, keep them dry and clean them just like a regular wall.And you can get some more information from the spruce about the tiles,also from the tile-magazine.

Commomy offerings of Peel and Stick Wall Tiles that can suit any type of use; as long as you follow the instructions and treat the tiles themselves with care, decorating your walls will be a walk in the park.

The difference between a house and a home is how much you make it a part of you. There are so many houses out there, but there is only one real home for you; thus, decoration with depth will give your home much more personality.

The easiness of using these Wall Tiles will make you forget about any of the old ways of adorning your house. Better yet, with the freedom you will have, the only limit will be your creativity.