5 Tips To Make Your Room Stand Out With 3D Wall Tiles In 2022

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The main purpose of decoration is simply to make something look better; this may sound too simple, but you would be surprised at the amount of thought you can put into it. There are almost infinite possibilities to make your room stand out depending on the room you are decorating, the materials you are using, costs and personal preferences.

There are, however, some essential guidelines you can take into account when making your decisions. Following the tips below and with the wide selection Commomy Decor provides, you can turn your walls into art easily.

1. Establish a theme

The first thing you need to look at is the style you wish to use, and which room you will apply this to. For example, if you are looking for bathroom decor for walls, you generally want cleaner designs and brighter colors; meanwhile, living rooms can use 3D brick wall tile stickers for a more “lived in” feel.

Not only that; but the general style you are using can lend itself to some creative choices. If you want rustic styles, Commomy Decor offers 3D brick wall tiles or distressed wood wall tiles. More modern choices can instead opt for 3D wall stickers, vintage art or even marble designs for their wall tiles.

2. Keep your colors simple

Wanting to add as much color as possible is an easy trap to fall into. A rainbow may be pretty to look at for a moment; but having to see it constantly can quickly turn it into an eyesore. This is why you should make your room stand out by focusing on having a good balance of color.

There are two main ways to achieve this:

  • Picking two main colors: You can use combinations such as blue and orange, red and blue or black and white to make the designs contrast. You can also use a third color for details, as long as it does not disrupt the other two; for example, a golden accent to enhance your red and blue or monochrome.
  • Picking a main color and two complementing colors: You can make a strong color take center stage, with a secondary that complements it and a smaller accent. You can make a wall mostly white, have small sections in black, and finally use red accents to draw the eye to what you want to highlight.

Keep in mind, you can use material textures to replace one of the colors. For instance, for a single color wall, a distressed wood wall tile from Commomy can add the perfect contrast.

3. Maintain consistency

If you are working on multiple rooms, you should keep to a single style whenever possible. Of course, this will not be possible for every situation; perhaps your living room is very modern, but your kids really want their rooms to be wildly colored.

First off, keep the materials the same. If you are using wood or brick 3D wall tiles, stick to using one type. Multiple types of brick or wood will simply not mesh well; at the very least, you should keep one common aspect across all rooms if you can.

Similar 3D wall stickers can work to this end. One small example would be to use different animal designs for different rooms; the living room can have a bird, while the bedrooms have a bear.

4. Do not overextend your budget

You might have this grand vision for decorating your room, but the last thing you want to do is to leave a masterpiece unfinished. A single incomplete element can at the very least stick out like a sore thumb and at worst, ruin the entire setting.

Now, there is nothing wrong with having a longer project that you can continuously work on as a hobby of sorts; you can achieve something far more impressive in the long run if you set up the grander project in multiple steps. But it would be wise to plan properly, and make sure each smaller project can be made properly, and you can get everything you need.

If you are planning to use 3D wall decorations extensively, make sure you have all you need; the affordable wall decor that Commomy can provide is a great choice for covering wide spaces, especially if you use multiple smaller designs.

5. Make sure your decision is final

Thorough planning is extremely important. If you are not sure of what to do, you could end up wasting a lot of time and money buying and installing materials or decorations that either clash awfully or are just not up to your tastes.

Exercise your imagination and visualize the end results; you could even take a picture of your room, and sketch around it before making any purchase. You can also try different styles using different references: Rustic, modern, art decor, natural, abstract, any style that might catch your fancy.

Ask your friends or family about which options would make your room stand out, search for images online to help guide you. When you have made up your mind, commit in full; half-heartedly setting up the decoration will just make it look ordinary.

Using your creative vision

There is one thing that is certain, a creative enough mind can make almost anything work. If you do it properly, you can have multiple colors and materials mesh together; multiple 3D wall  stickers of different colors or styles can be used to link together several styles.

In fact, some art styles are based on breaking simplicity and consistency. It is up to you, however, to make such a style work; however, it is perfectly fine to not want something extravagant; sometimes less is more.And maybe you can get some more wall tile advice from House Integrals and The Spruce.

The humble two color combination with a few 3D wall decorations can be just as impressive as a massive project, as long as you apply the proper thought and care to it. With Commomy, you can make anything from the minimalist to the extravagant, only limited by your own creativity.