Makeover a room with  Commomy stick tiles, the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to tile a surface or create a backsplash!

Here you will learn how to easily install tile peel & stick Backsplashes in your own kitchen or bathroom. Please follow these easy steps.

What You'll Need

Before installing peel and stick tiles, it is important to prepare the wall. To begin, you will need the following tools:

  • An all-purpose wall cleaner
  • A small towel or cloth
  • Box cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Credit card or plastic smoother
  • A stainless steel ruler or ruler backed with cork is best for a non-slip grip
Prepare to Install Peel and Stick Backsplash

    Use a small towel or cloth and all-purpose wall cleaner. Lightly wipe down the wall. Let completely dry before hanging stick tiles.

    While waiting for the wall to dry, use a pencil and ruler to lightly mark on the wall where each tile will be applied. After you’ve finished marking the wall, you are now ready to hang your peel and stick tiles!

    Please note, if your walls are freshly painted, wait up to three weeks before applying tiles.

    How To Install Stick Tiles

    Step 1: Installing your first tile peel and stick backsplash.Now that you’ve prepared your wall, you are ready to install your tile peel and stick backsplash!

    Remove your stick tiles from the packaging. Take the first tile and partially peel off the backing.

    Some stick tiles have interlocking edges like the ones used here and may require a straight edge to align the first tile to the wall.

    To create a straight edge, place the tile on your cutting mat. Use your box cutter and ruler as your guide to cut a straight line. You will notice an outer layer of film on your tile. Don’t remove this yet.

    When ready, apply your stick tiles to the wall. Press firmly once you are certain of placement with a credit card or plastic smoother to ensure best possible adhesion.

    When finished, remove the outer layer of film on your tile. You have now successfully hung your first stick tiles! 

    Commomy Pro Tip: Always apply the first stick tiles to the bottom corner of the wall and work your way up.

    Fold the protective backing 1/3rd of the way and peel off as you apply the tile to the wall for an even application.

    Step 2: Interlocking stick tiles to create a backsplash. Interlocking or overlapping each stick tiles is very important to ensure even spacing and a seamless appearance. Take your stick tile and align it with a previous tile already on the wall. Check to make sure the edges are overlapped and aligned. Apply light pressure so you can easily reposition and adjust the placement if needed. Once your peel and stick tile is securely on the wall, take your credit card or plastic smoother and press firmly to ensure the best possible adhesion. When certain of your tile’s placement, remove the outer layer of film. Repeat these steps to continue tiling your wall. Your peel and stick backsplash will quickly start to form. 

    Step 3: Installing stick tiles around a power outlet (if applies). When installing peel and stick tiles, you may run into a power outlet on the wall. Not a problem!  Always turn off the power when working near electrical outlets. Next, remove the outlet cover on the wall using a screwdriver and measure the dimensions of the opening. Transfer the measurements to the back of the tile using your pencil. Use the cutting mat and box cutter to cut along the pencil lines and create a rectangular opening in the tile.

    When ready, apply the stick tiles to the wall. Check to make sure the edges are overlapped and aligned. Once securely on the wall, take your credit card or plastic smoother and press firmly to ensure the best possible adhesion. Re-attach your outlet cover to over top the tile on the wall using a screwdriver.

    Commomy Pro Tip: The area on the tile you are cutting should only be large enough to allow the screws to be fastened back into the wall.

    Step 4: Installing the final tile.For an even finish on the wall, cut the edge of your stick tiles to perfectly align to the area of your wall that remains.

    Use a tape measure or ruler to measure the wall. Transfer the measurements onto the stick tiles using a pencil. Place the tiles on your cutting mat and make the needed cuts with a box cutter.

    Then apply the final tiles to the wall! Press firmly once certain of the placement with a credit card or plastic smoother to ensure best possible adhesion and remove the outer layer of film. Stand back and admire your new wall. You have just successfully installed your own peel and stick backsplash!

    Tips for Install Stick Tiles

    To ensure you order enough backsplash tile, add 10% to the measurement of the area you want to tile and round up to the nearest square foot. For example, if you're planning on tiling a 10 sq. ft. backsplash, tack on 1’ of backsplash tile when you order.

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