Get step-by-step instructions to learn how to put up Commomy wall decals.

One of the easiest ways to fill a blank wall is to put up Commomy wall decal. A wall decal, or a decorative vinyl sticker, is easy to apply and will last for several years – all without leaving a mark. Use a wall decal to add whimsy to a nursery or visual interest to a living room wall. Read on to learn how to apply Commomy wall decal so it lasts for years to come.

What You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Cloth/sponge
  • Water for cleaning the wall
  • Painter's tape
  • Level (optional)
  • Pencil for marking (optional)
  • Soap (optional)
  • Rubber squeegee (if not included)

Once you've picked out the right spot, follow these five how-to steps to learn how to apply wall stickers.

How To Apply Wall Decal

Step 1: Check the measurements of your decal and pick out a space you think it would fit. Measure the wall to make sure your decal is the right size before you begin applying.

Step 2: Clean the surface of the wall by wiping away any dirt or dust using a damp cloth or sponge with a small amount of soap. Make sure you clean the wall thoroughly – if there is dirt or oil left behind on the wall, the sticker will adhere to that instead of the wall itself. The wall must be dry before you begin to apply the decal, or it will not stick properly.

Step 3: Decals can be difficult to reapply once you’ve used them, so make sure you have your position right on the first try. Try taping the decal in the desired position, so you can take a step back and examine the placement before you apply.

Step 4: If you decide you like the position of your decal, take some time to make sure it is not tilted. While leaving the decal taped up, take your level and line it up along an edge of your decal that you would like to be horizontal. Adjust the level until its bubble is centered. You can draw a light line under the level in pencil to help you reposition the decal. Feel free to retape the decal to line up with the horizontal line and make more guide marks with your pencil.
Once you have finished marking the decal’s position, you can untape it from the wall and get ready to apply.

Step 5: Remove the back of the wall sticker so the sticky side is exposed. Place the decal in the desired location with the sticky vinyl against the wall and the protective paper cover over the design facing you. If you make a mistake, slowly peel the decal off the wall and reapply.

Step 6: Once your decal is on the wall, you’re going to want to eliminate any air bubbles. Start at the top of the decal and work your way down. Smooth the surface and eliminate any air bubbles with a squeegee. Repeat twice to ensure the decal is free of air bubbles and is securely adhered to the wall.

Step 7: Carefully peel the protective paper on the design from the decal. To do this, you'll want to start at one of the top corners and slowly peel back at a 45° angle until it's all removed.

Step 8: And voila! The decal will stay up until you're ready for a change.

Tips for Applying Wall Decals

If the paper backing is stuck to any piece of the decal, simply dampen a paper towel with water until it's lightly saturated. This will help release the decal from the paper backing.

Wall decals can be applied most efficiently in a room between 60° and 80° F. If your room is outside of this temperature range, try to adjust the temperature while you are applying to help your decal stick properly.

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