Where to Hang Metal Art Flowers Wall Decor in Your Home?

Hello Friends!!! Take a quick look around your home. What is the first thing you notice? A drab, uninteresting wall? Worse, do you have an old faux paint job with ivy or fruit-themed stencil work? It's about time for a change. Metal flower wall decor is one of the most popular trends for 2021. Metal flowers wall decor is trendy in house design right now due to its versatility to fit any style, from elegant to rustic and all in between.

So you're thinking about metal flowers wall decor in your home and making your space more special and personalized. But the question is, Where should you hang the Metal Flowers wall decor? Let's not be worried!!!!! We studied the answers to assist you in determining the ideal heights and places to hang metal flowers wall decor.


You know, Friends, the key is a balance to any successful interior design. In short, you don't have to fill every wall space with wall decorations when it comes to hanging metal floral wall decorations. Blank wall space can be used as an important design element to enhance your decor. So, keep reading as we take a closer look at some heights and places where you will hang metal flowers. Here we go!

Furnishings and Metal Flowers

Furniture items provide natural breaks in a wall and empty wall areas that could be excellent for metal flowers. Examine the forms and patterns created by the items around the empty wall space.

Vintage_Silver_3D_Metal_Flower_Wall_Decor_Scene1 (1)

Tall floor lamps placed in front of a wall become part of the overall wall design due to their shape, size, and height. The tall lamps will frame the empty area beside it, eliminating the need for metal wall art. Moreover, Sideboards or console tables that hold table lamps, plants, and other objects will break up the wall area, leaving empty wall space for metal flowers.

Meanwhile, Bookcases can designate wall space that can be used for metal art, such as above or beside the bookcase. A reading nook with a side table, lamp, and chair is great for adding depth and warmth to the vignette, with metal flowers on the wall behind the chair and the table.

Chrysanthemum_Shape_3D_Metal_Flower_Wall_Decor_White_Scene (1)

Window and Door Walls

You can decorate the walls of windows, and doors of your home with metal flowers. Metal flowers look great on an empty corner wall bordered by a window and a neighboring wall. It also looks wonderful on the wall above the entryway of a room with a vaulted ceiling. Furthermore, You can also use it on the wall between two windows at least two feet apart.

Window and Door Walls-Commomy 3D Metal Art Flowers Wall Decor

Living Room

A living room often features a couch, a LED, perhaps an entertainment unit, sectional, lamps, a recliner or two, end tables, and other furnishings. Once you have these items in your room, take a step back and try to see only the empty wall space. You can decorate your bare living room walls with metal flowers to reinforce a formal or casual living room design.

If your LED is wall-mounted with wall space around it, Commomy recommends introducing a few metal flowers here. To add metal flowers, treat the LED shape as you would any other design. You can add metal flowers above or to the sides of the LED. Some individuals find this distracting and would rather keep the remaining wall blank. If you have a huge entertainment center that you may design with various metal floral decor along the top and sides, you may choose to leave what is left empty. You can also use metal flowers above an entertainment center or bookcase, but they should not reach beyond the width of the furniture.

Living Room-Commomy 3D Metal Art Flowers Wall Decor

You can also use metal flowers to decorate a mantel or space above the mantel. You know, A fireplace is such a focal point, many people decorate the space above the mantel with metal flowers. Depending on the style of your fireplace, you could have a variety of metal flowers decor arrangements. Add metal flowers to the wall decor, for example, on the wall above the mantel. Furthermore, floor-to-ceiling fireplaces featuring wall space on both sides are ideal for displaying metal flowers.

Furthermore, a couch defines the available wall space above it by creating a linear appearance. If the couch is positioned beneath a pair of huge windows, you may use the wall area between the windows. While, if your couch is flanked on either side by an end table, each is likely to have a table light. You might be able to fit metal flowers in the space above the end tables.


Dining Room

You can create decor with metal flowers in a variety of ways in the dining room. Consider the furniture on each wall and the wall space surrounding each piece in determining the available space. If you have a different color accent wall or wallpaper/stencil, emphasize it with metal flowers.

You can also flank either side of a mirror with metal flowers. Depending on the wall space available, a large window can be further framed by metal flowers on one or both sides. A metal flower above a sideboard completes this look. If you decide to add a few more metal flowers that look good on the adjacent walls, go for different designs to balance the accent wall.

Dining Room-Commomy 3D Metal Art Flowers Wall Decor

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

You know, Friends!Cabinets and pantry doors are commonly used to cover kitchen walls. The trick to creating wall decor, in this case, is to select metal flowers that expose wall space. The wall space between doors is frequently limited, but adding metal flowers can bring interest and depth to your kitchen. You can place metal flowers above the kitchen cabinets if they aren't flush with the ceiling.

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook-Commomy 3D Metal Art Flowers Wall Decor

Moreover, you can make a style statement with more metal flowers if your refrigerator lacks an overhead cabinet. You can also decorate an empty breakfast nook wall with a combination of shelving, objects, and metal wall art. Try to avoid using metal wall decor in these limited spaces because a buffet wall may not have any usable space. However, you might have enough room to hang metal flower decor on the wall between the kitchen and the buffet. Furthermore, You can also hang metal flowers on the wall above or on each side of a bay window. On the whole, Metal flowers wall decor can sometimes be found on the walls between the doors leading to the kitchen/breakfast nook.


Hallways are frequently neglected, with bare walls, or overused, with excessive wall decor. Finding a balance is key for the successful use of wall decor in this space. You can designate the wall area for your metal flowers by installing a chair rail and decorate with metal flowers above the railing, centered in the wall space. You can also use metal flowers in the spaces between entrances in small halls divided by multiple doorways. Don't go overboard. Choose one or two to serve as a focal point.

Hallway-Commomy 3D Metal Art Flowers Wall Decor


Metal flowers add depth and warmth to a master bedroom corner sitting area. Above the headboard and on nightstands are the two most typical locations for a bedroom's metal flower decor. Hang metal flowers wall art above nightstands no higher than the headboard height for the finest effect. You can also hang metal flowers on either side of a dresser with a smaller mirror centered over it to embellish it. Try to extend no further than the width of the dresser. Another one is, If the space between the closet and the bedroom doors or the bathroom is large enough, you can also use metal flowers wall decor here.

Bedrooms-Commomy 3D Metal Art Flowers Wall Decor


Some bathrooms have relatively little wall space, while others, especially larger ones, may have more blank wall space. You can use metal flowers to decorate the wall over the toilet. In Fact, Metal Flowers on the opposite wall of a bath mirror doubles your metal flowers' power. You can also hang Metal flowers between a window and a corner shower or tub. However, it is preferable to utilize shower backsplash stick tiles. Furthermore, you can also use one or more metal flowers to fill the gap between the mirrors if you have a double sink with a mirror over each sink.

Bathrooms-Commomy 3D Metal Art Flowers Wall Decor


You can use metal flowers to decorate a stairway. Metal Flowers on the wall flowing down the incline of the stairway can be used as an effective design feature. You can also add metal flowers to the main floor wall of the staircase. The bottom of the staircase shows that the landing wall is an excellent area to exhibit one or more metal flowers.

Staircases-Commomy 3D Metal Art Flowers Wall Decor

Foyers and Back Entrances

Most foyers include some form of furniture. Unless you have a really big foyer, one wall may be large enough to fit a console table, mirror, table lamp, wall sconces, and possibly a chair. Try hanging a metal blossom on one, but not all, of the walls.

You can use the space above the chair to display metal flower decor. You can also hang metal flowers on the wall opposite the console table. And, the Waoooo mirror will reflect this wall. Backdoor entries or mudrooms can be brightened by hanging a metal flower on the wall next to the door or surrounding walls. Another way is you can use metal flowers wall decor that would look great on an empty wall leading into the kitchen or den.

Foyers and Back Entrances-Commomy 3D Metal Art Flowers Wall Decor

Never forget to look at the area above a mudroom bench. Would a bouquet of metal flowers brighten up the room? An irregular wall that is short and perpendicular to a long wall designed to accommodate a coat closet can provide design interest. This design is a wonderful way to bring interest to a narrow wall space by blending shapes to contrast with the metal wall art on the next wall.


In Garden:

Hanging metal flowers outside is becoming increasingly popular. People are looking for ways to decorate and attract nature to expand their living quarters to incorporate outdoor spaces. You might have a garden gateway that could use a burst of color or an outside wall that could use a style makeover. Adding metal flowers outside might help make a pleasant transition from your home's interior to your outdoor living spaces.

In Garden-Commomy 3D Metal Art Flowers Wall Decor

You can beautify your garden in a variety of ways by using metal flowers. Hanging a metal flower on the inside wall of your home is easy. A little more goes into the process if you are hanging metal flowers outdoors on your garden wall.

Don't limit yourself to the walls when considering installing outdoor garden metal flowers. Trees provide an excellent backdrop for the piece of your choice. If you don't have trees but have a garden trellis, consider adding a metal flower to enhance and expand the attractiveness of the flowers or plants that are already there.


The Bottom Line:

So Friends!!! We hope the above metal flowers hanging ideas will ensure your new addition creates both beauty and style. A metal flower wall decor provides an outlet for bold colors, patterns, and textures on wall space without overwhelming your space. No Doubt, Hanging metal flowers wall decor offers a lovely ambiance that welcomes guests and reminds your family of your closeness.

Consider Commomy metal flower grouping ideas to create a pleasant space that reflects your style. We have a wide collection of metal flowers wall decor that brightens and enhances your space. So, Update the look of your home by adding metal flowers. And you can get some more information from the Industry standard design and the Veranda.