Top 17 Stylish Living Room Wall Decor Ideas for Refresh Your Space

Now would be the time to customize your space; if your living room walls look a little bare, ready to be filled with unique artwork, wall hangings, and decor, Before you take up a hammer and nails, consider some of these living room wall decor ideas. Inspiration is on its way! Just remember to buy something you like rather than something that fills a space.


Try Cornered Metal Wall Art

Hang photographs, paintings, metal wall art, or prints on two intersecting walls is a great living room wall decor idea to get an elegant look. Make a statement with two entirely distinct pieces of metal wall art, or create a unified appearance by displaying work by the same artist, media, or color palette.


Hang Alternative Art

Instead of a traditional poster or painting, try something more lively for living room wall decor, such as a sculptural item. Despite being a desirable location in the living room, the area above the mantel is frequently underutilized. Consider replacing the television over the fireplace with something more creative and exciting to fill the empty area.

Encourage Leaning Artwork

You don't need to hang artwork to make it impactful (which is especially useful if you rent)—lean artwork against the wall for a relaxed, unfinished look. Choose one huge rattan piece, or a few smaller rattan pieces of varied sizes are great for decorating the living room.


Incorporate Illuminated Artwork

If you want your living room to look more sophisticated or if you want it to stand out, place a light over a work of art on walls to highlight it. It's an additional layer of decoration in the living room wall, but it also serves a purpose.

Try Out 3D Vinyl Peel And Stick Wall Tiles For Living Room  

One of the best living room wall decor ideas is to try out self-adhesive vinyl tile to spruce up a bare wall. 3d vinyl peel and stick wall tile for the living room is a great way to add interest without changing anything. Peel and Stick Self-adhesive vinyl tile comes in a wide range of styles and colors. So, this can help match your living room walls to the rest of your home's style. If you go with self-adhesive vinyl tile, you will have tons of options, so you won't have to worry about any mismatching.

Stronger adhesive backing, peel and stick installation! You don't need grout or cement, and no mess! You can easily cut with a utility knife or scissors. It's also pretty affordable and easy to use, making it an excellent alternative to tile and other materials.

3D_Green_and_White_Mosaic_Peel_and_Stick_Wall_Tile_Commomy decor0

No doubt, 3D peel and stick vinyl tile for the living room is an inexpensive and easy way to update a living room. Many homeowners have chosen stick wall tile for the living room and have been very happy with the results. So, What are you waiting for?

Organize a Gallery Wall or Display Photographs

Suppose you don't like the concept of a cluster of artwork on one wall but prefer the idea of displaying numerous pieces. In that case, a perfect living room wall decor idea is to create an orderly gallery by hanging framed art in ideal alignment. Take precise measurements to ensure that there is equal space between each frame. Whether you select a little or large quantity of art to work with, it will be an excellent way to fill in some blank space. You can also upgrade your typical family photo wall with fascinating black-and-white or antique images framed and hung in a large gallery wall. Look around thrift stores, galleries, and outposts for original work that you can proudly display in your house.


Work with Sporting Equipment As Living Room Wall Decor

Surfboards create a fun wall decoration that's also practical if you're a surfer. Take inspiration from your surroundings and proudly exhibit personal things in the living room by carefully placing them against a blank wall. Get inspired by the items around you and proudly display personal effects in the living room.

Install a Statement Mirror

When you need something for a living room wall decor but have exhausted all of your art alternatives, a mirror is always a solid bet. Instead of a simple, practical mirror, choose a more statement-making one, such as a rattan mirror. You can also use unique items such as iridescent mirrors. It's vibrant and adds dimension to the area, yet it still seems coherent. It will also assist in making a tiny area appear more prominent. A traditional mirror is another lovely way to bring light into the living room and make a small space appear larger.


Choose Statement Paintings

One statement painting positioned carefully over the couch is perhaps the most obvious choice for living room wall decor. When choosing a classic design that can be readily customized to your preferences, keep the flow between the floor, walls, and ceiling in mind.

Go for Large-Scale Paintings

You can hang a large painting on an empty wall in your living room to add a dramatic visual element to the space: the larger the artwork, the deeper the statement. A tall painting fits nicely on a tiny wall near a doorway in the living room. Another framed artwork hangs outside the corridor, adding depth and contrast to the living area.


Layer Fun Wallpaper with Paintings

Use a beautifully patterned wallpaper overlaid with a painting to make a statement. It's a daring choice, but a bold print fits in the eclectic room. Try different colors, patterns, and materials to create eye-catching living room wall decor.

Create a Diptych

Creating a diptych is a perfect living room wall decor idea. To make a diptych hang two paintings side by side or in line with each other. You must take accurate dimensions, just as you would for a gallery wall. Also, consider the size of the wall, the artwork, and the flow of the rest of the living room.


Add Framed Drawings

There are also drawings in addition to paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Some hand-drawn designs are rough and unpolished, yet their placement in the organized gallery wall transforms them into elegant decor. You may add a personal touch by using some of your unique sketches or those of someone close to you.

Large Objects Should Be Placed

Other huge things, such as the pieces of rattan furniture in a neutral yet very stylish living room, may be used as living room wall decor in the same way as sporting equipment can. Whether you mount things, lean them against the wall, or set them on top of a console table, if they're high enough, they'll function as one-of-a-kind and surprising wall decor.

3D_Black_Marble_Hexagonal_Peel_and_Stick_Wall_Tile-commomy decor

Hang Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are the ideal customizable choice for seeking attention on your wall. Hang them to resemble stairs or stack them straight on top of one other, then add decorative things such as photographs, decor, and so on.

Incorporate Bookcases And decorate With Small Objects

One unusual living room wall decor option is to use a bookcase for design reasons. Whether the shelves are filled with books, antique glassware, objects, or vases, a wall-to-wall bookshelf is one way to make a statement and exhibit the things you care about in your house. Organize small rattan objects, beautiful boxes, bright books, and sculptures on the shelves of a bookshelf to improve the decor of the living space. A designed bookcase is ideal for displaying tiny things and visually attractive curiosities. One of the best living room wall decor ideas works nicely in a room that already has art and another decor on the walls.


Add Some Greenery

Lining the bottom of your walls with different sorts of plants is a fun, natural way to bring your living area up a level. The plants on either side of the sofa assist ensure there aren't any extra blank spots in the living room, which already has a beautiful job of establishing an item gallery wall.

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