The Top 7 Benefits of Using 3D Peel and Stick Faux Brick Wall Tiles on Your Home Walls

Have you ever seen those magazine homes with exposed, bricked walls and luxury tiles on the walls? Ever wanted that in your home? Well, renovating your house just became a lot cheaper and easier! So easy that you can do it yourself! You can finally have the home you always wanted! Let's talk about 3D faux brick wall.


3D Brown-Gray Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Living Room Sofa Backgrond 

Instead of saving up for those hefty bulky tiles, get 3D peel and stick wall tiles that are just as luxurious and at a fraction of the cost. Choose the perfect design from countless options and stick them on!


3D Dark Brown Brick Peel and Stick Tiles for Living Room Accent Wall

Yes, it is that simple! All you need are these tiles, and you are good to go. These faux brick wall tiles have a 3D textured surface, made of premium vinyl materials, with upgraded adhesive backing, eco-friendly, anti-mold, more flexible and durable, resistant to water and heat. They can be used as a faux brick backsplash for kitchen, faux brick fireplace backsplash, faux brick bathroom backsplash, and living room wall decor. It is finally more effortless than ever to live in your dream home.


Now there are countless reasons why this is an absolute steal. Let's talk about a few:

1. They Look Superbly Great!

Walls don't have to be white and dull. Bring out the interior designer in you and go for how you have always wanted your house to look. Want a modern living area? Choose from a variety of faux brick wall tiles and bring life to your dull living room!


3D Orange Rust and Tan Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Staircase Wall Decor

Just add peel and stick wall tiles. Without elaborate setup processes, without the need for grout, you can quickly get your living room fresh. There are various farmhouse styles. You can pick up faux bricks in various textures and colors, a faux brick wall for living room is a good idea.  


3D Gray Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Living Room Accent Wall

2. Style with No Hustle

You will be surprised how easy of a job it is to change the demographics of your entire home completely. It's a simple DIY. If you choose one of the many beautiful faux brick wall tiles, then really all you need is these tiles; yes, it's that simple!


3D Red Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Half Wall of Hallway

Also, the whole process is so quick that you can probably get it done and go on with your day in just a few hours at max! Is your anniversary coming? Do you want to surprise the love of your life with a home-cooked meal?  

Surprise them with the meal you cooked with love in your brand new, modern, and sleek kitchen! A new faux brick backsplash for kitchen, how's that for a surprise?

3D Green and White Mosaic Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile

3D Green and White Mosaic Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile , A New Faux Brick Backsplash Decor

3. They're Easy on Your Pockets

We have talked about how easy it is for you to install self-adhesive tiles, which means you will save tons on labor charges! Also, it's a hassle to maintain traditional brick tiles. They can slip or get damaged, and the whole labor cycle starts again.


3D Grey Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Hallway Wall Decor

You will be saving a tonne on other things, too, like transportation charges and the hustle of trying to find the exact match of the damaged brick. These revolutionary peel and stick faux brick wall tiles are a game-changer for sure!

The best part about them is that unlike traditional bricks that require a solid foundation, these peel and stick tiles can be put anywhere on any wall! You are free to design any wall you like without any hesitation or worries!

commomy decor-3D_Red_Brick_Texture_Peel_and_Stick_Wall_Tile

3D Red Brick Texture Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Sofa Background Wall Decor

4. Easy to Maintain

Once these tiles are put up, there are virtually no more worries! Unlike wooden panels that require polish so often, these self-adhesive tiles only need a simple wipe with a cloth dipped in warm water, and that's it!

They keep glimmering and shinning just like brand new! Keeping things clean has never been easier!


5. Save Space!

Peel and stick faux brick wall tiles save much space, which is very important in modern-day cities with small apartments. In order to utilize as little space as possible, self-adhesive tiles only need a fraction of the space brick walls can take.


3D Red Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Half Wall Decor

Brick walls can take up to 480 mm of space, while the self-adhesive tiles can save you 400 mm of space on each wall by only requiring a maximum of 80 mm of space!


3D Classical Red Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Accent Wall Decor

6. Variety of Options to Choose From

Peel and stick tiles allow you to customize your home according to your preferences. You can choose a modern aesthetic by selecting one of the sleek 3D brick tile designs. You can even experiment with different colors and shapes with several 3D designs.

You could choose several textures from rough, smooth, or worn; anything that you would like! You can now even choose to give your kitchen a little French touch by choosing some whitewashed brick tile designs.

3D Dark Brown Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile

3D Dark Brown Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile, Make a Faux Brick Fireplace Backsplash

There are also limitless color options to choose from, allowing you to use your imagination and pair up your walls to best match your furniture!  You now have the chance to live in a home that goes with your taste.

COMMOMY-3D White Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile

3D White Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Living Room Sofa Background Wall Decor

7. They Are Water Resistant Stick Tiles!

The faux brick tiles can really be installed anywhere! They are water-resistance, which means that you can put them in your bathroom or on the wall of your kitchen sink, as a faux brick backsplash for kitchen or bathroom.

Who knew these cost-friendly tiles could bring these many advantages?



3D faux brick peel and stick wall tiles are one of the best ways to renovate your house with minimum hustle. Their durability and versatility mean you can put them on any wall around your house without any worries.

You can finally have your dream home at a fraction of the coast and have the option to design your home accustomed to you so that it is uniquely yours.

3D Orange Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile

3D Orange Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Staircase Wall Decor

Moreover, you can now express yourself and your design philosophy by choosing from the endless possibilities of 3D peel and stick faux brick designs. Now, do you want to get your hands on these tiles?

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3D Dark Brown Brick Peel and Stick Wall Tile

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