Let Your Family Create Their Dream Room with 3D Peel and Stick Wall Tiles

The members of a family can have wildly different points of view, no matter how closely knit they are. Your personality varies a lot from your children’s, due to the places and times you each have grown in, and this shows in fashion and taste; some colors or designs are more popular with certain generations, and even then some people take a liking to older designs.

For example, think of the current minimalist trends in design, and compare them to the styles you could have seen in the 80s. Now maybe your older child somehow found an interest in the Art Deco style from the 1920s. How do you bring people so different together?

Simple, organize and decorate your home together! By uniting all of your room decoration ideas together, you can mesh styles and personalities and create your own union. Afterwards, applying these ideas together to each room can create fond memories for all of you.


Now, not everyone is so artistically gifted to be able to paint murals by themselves, but that does not mean you lack options. Considering the ease of use and different styles and textures together, PVC wall tiles are a worthy option for any type of home.

How would I get started on this?

The first step is always to communicate this with your family. Even if they are not too interested on home remodeling in the first place, you cannot deny the appeal of having almost free reign to shape your room to fit your imagination.

At first, you will suggest the idea and begin showing them Commomy’s catalog of wall tiles, panels and decorations. Your family could decide for themselves which designs and textures they like the most; some want a more rustic wooden design, while others enjoy complex tile patterns. This is fine, as you want to let them start exploring options themselves.

After they have made their selection, discussion begins. This is not so much about which ones are good or bad, but rather which ones you can all agree on for different spaces.

For instance, if everyone can agree to choose the same, similar, or complementing materials for the living room, then the choice is made; the personal rooms, however, are more of their own choice.


Building your own designs

Now that your choices in materials have been found, it is time to tackle the room decoration ideas in full. You can use more than one type of tile on a wall and have it look great, as long as you know where they should go. There is no shame in looking for ideas online, or drawing inspiration from other sources; after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Some examples include having cobblestone tiles on the lower part and wooden panels above, for a medieval fantasy look; building mosaics with specifically placed tiles of different types, or even using your tiles in diagonal arrangements. The benefit of the PVC wall tiles comes from their flexibility in use, letting you cut and arrange them however you want.

It would be a good idea to sketch out your designs first. Define where you are going to place the tiles, which shapes you want to form and imagine how they would look like. Then, if you have made multiple sketches, you can all design together the one that looks better. Having a voice in the process will get everyone more involved and they will feel proud of the end result.


The wall is your canvas, use it!

As much as a good plan should be followed, sometimes inspiration can strike from the most unexpected places. If any of your family has a stroke of genius, let them elaborate on it, then consider the merits of it. Since the wall tile options from Commomy are so modifiable, you should have no problem adapting new ideas as well.

Do not believe for a second that the process is done the moment the final tile is set, for you can still decorate the tiles themselves! Applying smaller coats of paint, stenciling or decaling them can be easier or harder depending on the 3D texture of the tiles or panels, but each person can have their own visions and solutions for these.

The truth is, no matter how well thought out your design is, it can never truly be your “dream” design until you add your own personal touches. For a family project, you can even assign a larger wall on a room as an artistic exercise for all of you: a green light to customize their sections however they see fit and you will end up creating your own family mural.


Let your family weigh in on your choices

One final aspect you could consider is letting others add their own suggestions to your designs. Perhaps a diamond pattern would work best for your room, or maybe they think a certain wood pattern works better than the other one; let them engage in constructive criticism and add new ideas.

This is not to say your room decoration ideas should instantly be changed, but there could be some valuable additions you could have. Remember to think outside the box, and that includes your own preferences.


The mixing of older styles with younger visuals can end up resulting in a wall that both you and your children will love, as long as you both work together on all steps of the process.

Do not be afraid of a mistake in the wall, as with enough creativity, the PVC wall tiles can be reshaped to make a blunder into a valuable feature. Even if it the issue cannot be fixed, the fact that they can be covered over or cut off easily means there is no harm done in the end.And you can get some more home decoration suggestions from the Totally Home Improvement and the Home Improvement Help Resource

At Commomy, we love to see families exercising their creativity together, and seeing how you can all craft a room unlike any other; showing your true selves to each other and the world.