2021 How To Add Impact To Your Room Using 3D Wall Tiles

If you have ever looked at your room and wanted to change it; but no matter what you changed it still felt flat, you have to consider changing your walls. Of course, this is something very expensive, time consuming and you cannot use the room as you are renovating.

However, there is another way. Commomy offers a wide selection of wall tile designs with depth, which can be easily set up for any room with no hassle; the real dilemma is how and which wallpaper would be best to add much needed volume.

No need to worry, making your room feel more alive with 3D wall tiles is nothing to spend days mulling over. You only need a vision and a few pointers.

The walls have textures, use them

The point of a 3D tile is to allow someone to emulate a specific material in a wall that is otherwise completely flat. Simply adding flat brick wallpaper will not be enough, no matter how detailed the design is.

This is because light interacts with objects and flat wallpapers simply cannot emulate a light shining over a brick wall; every small shadow emerging from the creases, changing depending on the time of day or where the light is.

A few 3D wall tile designs can create an entirely different atmosphere, not just due to the color, or the pattern; but the feel of it. At certain angles, you might see shadows forming following the contours of the tiles.

This is the small bit of magic that can make your room more impressive, and you will not get it with any flat choices.

The right material at the right place

It can make all the difference you could ever need. You can use 3D wall tile designs to set up a theme for a room; a distressed wood wall tile can easily make your room more rustic, brick designs can make your room more “lived in”, marble can add a touch of class, and so on.

It all depends on the room you want to change and what you want it to feel like. Do you feel more comfortable with well-treated wood or with the weathered, yet trustworthy comfort of brick?

Remember, a room’s feel is what you make it; so there are really no wrong choices when it comes to picking a style.

Express your creativity

Now, just because your tiles are made in a specific pattern and shape, it does not necessarily mean you should conform to it. Commomy’s tiles are made to be cut easily, not just to fit in smaller spaces, but to shape them as you see fit!

Some more creative options you could choose are:

  • Cut the tiles into specific shapes that combine with each other, like a heart surrounded by a large circle, or a field of star-shaped figures.
  • Bypass the limits of conventional square grids: tilt the tiles for a diagonal pattern, or cut them from corner to corner to form a triangular grid!
  • Place a single complete row of brick tiles, and then add other pieces sporadically to it, making it into a partial wall of bricks.
  • Place small clusters of tiles, then paint interesting designs around the tiles in order to “meld” them into the wall proper.

There are almost infinite possibilities when you have a creative enough idea; if you want to make your room more impressive, the final word rests on you.

Combining colors

Of course, there are some limitations when it comes to what is appealing. Some colors simply do not mix well together; which is why you need to consider how to best combine what you already have with what you want to add.

Some of it might be very obvious: Have a lot of wooden furniture in the room? Use wooden tiles to combine with it. Do you have white walls and you only want to cover part of it? Try a darker wallpaper design with depth, and let lights and shadows play with the contrast further.

There are many colorful vintage art wall tile designs that can make a sterile, colorless room into something much more vibrant, so you will be spoiled for choice. Just remember to think about the design before you decide to commit; deciding on a whim may lead to a mix that simply does not work.

Experiment with your designs

Before making a decision, you should make sure it is the best possible decision. You may find that covering the entire wall would not achieve the result you want, or that covering only part of it would suit you better.

Perhaps you prefer minimalist designs, or maybe you like intricate, complex patterns to adorn your walls. Maybe there is just something you simply cannot identify. Keep viewing options and you might just find something that “clicks” just right.

Even then, keep browsing 3D Wallpaper designs and make sure you exhaust all options. If you stop at the first good idea you find, you might miss out on the perfect idea.

And yet, you might end up installing your new wallpaper, only to find an even better option later. That is an unfortunate scenario, no one wants to waste money after all; but Commomy’s catalog of affordable wall decor, means that you will not be making a significant investment.

Besides, there are still several other rooms in your house for you to try your artistic skills with!

Enjoy the flexibility

3D Wall Tile is a wonder for interior decoration. You can turn a plain wall into anything you want, installing it in a matter of minutes. The fact that these wall tile designs with depth also come at such affordable prices, means you can go absolutely wild with renovations and other creative projects.

You might just want to make your room more impressive; but after you feel the satisfaction of finishing up your first room, you might just turn the rest of your home into your own personal canvas.