Fun Ideas To Involve Your Child In Home Decor 2021

Decorating a child’s room is a mammoth task and you would surely appreciate some help. Involving children infuses an extremely generous dose of fun in an otherwise boring and tiring job. Children often surprise their parents with their creative instincts. Ensuring their involvement in decorating their room provides them an outlet to channelize their creativity. If this wasn’t enough, research commissioned by Dulux reveals that as much as 92% of kids say that they would spend more time in the room that they have helped designed themselves. 

Keep scrolling down to know how best can you involve your child in decor of their room.

Using the wall as your canvas

It’s not the furniture or the bed that first attracts the attention, it’s the walls! From the paints to artwork to wall stickers, these walls of your child’s room are an expression of their thoughts. There is no happier child than the one excitedly talking about how they are going to decorate their walls. 

Walls are to your children what a blank canvas is to a painter- a place to unleash their creativity. There are numerous ways in which the walls can be spruced up.

Ø Painting the wall: Like in everything else, there are different tastes in wall paints as well. There is no need to sweat if your sophisticated, minimalist style clashes with your child's quirky one. There is always a way to reach a consensus. Sit down with the family members and list their color preferences. Take the colors that everyone disagrees on and strike them off the common list. The next step is to finalize the colors that are agreeable to all the members. Once that’s done, let your child choose what they like. This way not only do the children get to have their say, but it also doesn’t interfere with the overall look and symmetry of your home!

Ø Display the artwork: There is no child in the world who doesn’t like to paint and scribble. Another great way to decorate your child’s room is by displaying their artwork on the walls. Let the children decide the wall on which they’ll like their artwork displayed. You could use non-stick adhesive to stick the artwork on the artwork. You could even have pretty little threads crisscrossing on a wall where the kids could hang their artwork. Does your child have favorite photographs that are gathering dust in the attic? Time to get those photos out of there and on the walls!  This is a perfect example of a simple activity being turned into a family bonding time in a fun way.

Ø Wall decals: Wall decals add a lot of excitement and character to your children’s room. Jazzy, wild, offbeat, or conventional, they come in all shapes and sizes for the kids to pick up from. If the kids are slightly older they can even help you install them. Here too, you can jointly decide with the children which corner to decorate the wall with Wall decals. 

Commomy has an attractive range of peel and stick decals to decorate the room of your little ones. From planets in universe  and dinosaur space ship peels  for the little astronauts who want to discover everything about the solar system to princess and castle and white unicorn peels for your kids who enjoy the delicate things in lives, we have plenty of colorful options to choose from.  Pick any one of our decals for children and see the ordinary room transformed into their favorite space.

Let them pick their own beds

Letting your child choose their own beds is a fun way to get them involved in the interior decor of their room. The home decor market has a huge segment for children with a wide selection for all age groups. If you have more than one child or there are frequent sleepovers at your place, bunk beds would add a lot of fun. In case you already have the beds, there is still a way to involve your children! Enlist their help in choosing the bedding and change the look of the room instantly.  Fairies or horses, unicorns or space ships, solar system, or their favorite cartoon character, the choices are galore when it comes to choosing bedding that your child likes.  

Involve them in the actual physical work

No matter how old your children are, if they have crossed toddlerhood, you can surely give them age-appropriate tasks that go beyond planning. Involving the kids in actual doing of things is a fabulous way of increasing their ownership in their own room and showing what they are capable of. Include them in painting the walls or decorating a corner space fills your children with a great sense of pride in their own work. 

Commomy and you

At Commomy we understand that your kids would want to stamp their room with their unique personality. Not just common spaces, we are committed to providing you the best experience when it comes to home decor for your child's room. 

Commomy offers an array of wall decals to add the fun element to your child's room at affordable prices. We not only care about your walls but our carbon footprints too. All the home decor products including the wall decals are made of high-quality eco-friendly materials. They are also waterproof, and heat resistant. Not just this, they are known for their easy installation too. Since these stickers are removable, repositionable, and reusable, it’s super easy to shift them elsewhere. 

Your home is as much your kids as it is yours. What better way to make the house the reflection of the entire family instead of a few people. Involving kids in planning and the actual decor of the room is not just fulfilling for them but a way to create happy memories full of laughter, joy and funny moments.

Let your child express their creative side with Commomy.