Displaying Your Kids' Imagination with 3D Self Adhesive Wall Tiles

A child’s room can be the home of a thousand fantasies: tales of mystical magic wizards and honorable knights fighting back evil dragons, space explorers escaping from evil alien empires; kings, elves, princesses, presidents, horses, drivers, and more for them to pretend.

Countless child stories are told within their bedroom walls and what better way to let them grow their imagination than to display their dreams into those very same walls? Adding home wall decorations for your children to better enjoy their roleplaying can be a very good gift for them, as not only it can help their games, it lets them explore their ideas in depth.

3D Reddish Brown Stone Peel and Stick Wall Tile

This way, their imagination develops something very important for children to experience as they grow up; as this leads them to be able to think outside the box and empathize with other points of view, and thus they will grow into more mature human beings capable of understanding multiple sides during any conflict.

So, the backdrop of their play should allow them to have even more fun than a regular wall would; which is why the right kids' decoration ideas can find even more useful than a specific toy.

See, a toy dinosaur can be a dozen different items, but a proud green meadow and the castle it holds can contain a thousand stories. Consider these home wall decorations as the launch pad for imagination, from which every day a new story will begin.

3D_Black_Marble_Hexagonal_Peel_and_Stick_Wall_Tile-commomy decor

A make believe world between four walls

This statement alone can give you a good idea of where to get started. Setting up the boundaries and sceneries you are looking for is the first step you have to take, and you will be able to plan your decoration accordingly.

Ask your children what they like to play the most, and then base your decisions around that. If they like fantasy, you could opt for either using 3D vinyl cobblestone peel and stick wall tile from Commomy Decor to serve as city walls, protecting the town, or to use it to place a distant castle on the fields.

Another option would be to combine cobblestone and wooden vinyl self adhesive wall tiles for castle interiors, inns or dungeons. Keep in mind; you might have to add some details, painting porches, windows, banners or other such decorations.

In fact, if you or your children are more inclined to play with smaller figurines or scale models; these wall designs can mesh well with whatever bases you are using for your models, be it grasslands or medieval towns and small castles.

Your kids could see their small castle next to the comparatively colossal walls you have placed using the tiles, creating an imaginary land of mountain-sized walls defending their kingdom; a small spark that can light the fires of creativity, and they might even invite you to play with them as well!


Journeying across the endless stars

If your kids' decoration ideas are of a more futuristic design, you could go for 3d simulation relief tiles, repurpose them into different patterns and different colors, adding fake lights and tech elements. You might even make your control tiles and fake screens to add to it!

Of course, having black walls is simply not a good idea, so a pure outer space backdrop is out of the question. However, you can instead set up the walls to look like the inside of a spaceship, space station, asteroid base, et cetera. Painting them a nice sleek white could work, but will likely get dirty quick, so you might want to instead opt for adding more colors.

This way, you can add windows or observation ports with which to paint the black void and white dots of the cosmos. In fact, the frames of these view ports can be made of cut strips of the wall tiles themselves, assembled onto strips and painted in a different color.


A simple change of scenery will suffice

Sometimes children are just not as escapist as you would think. Maybe they do not want to be in another world, but merely in a different part of this world. That is perfectly fine, there are a lot of fascinating places and cultures around the world and most of them serve as inspiration for a lot of fantastical stories anyway.

Depending on the culture they are interested in, you can find the most appropriate pattern by Commomy Decor. For example, if they like the Japanese style, you can emulate it with the clever use of vinyl wooden tiles. If they like the Mary Poppins vision of London, go with vinyl brick tiles. It will all depend on the place they like.

Other than that, you might simply need to give them a piece of a different area. If you live in the city, they might feel cozier in a rustic cabin in the woods, so distressed wood wall tiles are the better option. On the other hand, those kids that live in smaller towns could be enamored by the glitz of the city, so you could have idealized versions of them placed as well.

Be sure to include the respective home wall decorations as well; a comfortable, yet fake, fireplace for your country retreat, or movie posters and billboards for your little slice of the big city.


Do not underestimate the impact of this gift

You might be discouraged from doing this by thinking this is just a novelty they will get bored from in a couple of days. Far from it, these kid decoration ideas can be greatly appreciated not just in its day, but as the kids grow older and start to recognize how much effort goes into things, they will retroactively appreciate it even more.

This is not just a gift you bought at the store and gave it to them on a whim; this is a dedicated effort that took time and elbow grease to assemble. No matter the person, people do tend to like gifts given from the heart a lot more, as sincere thoughts and love is put into it.

3D Seashell Pattern Mosaic Peel and Stick Wall Tile