6 Best Areas to Add 3d Wall Decor with Peel and Stick Wood Tiles in Your Home

Seasons change, tastes evolve, but specific design themes seem to return repeatedly or never go away. A decorative peel and stick wood tiles contribute a polished look with timeless appeal to statement home improvements and never go away. If you want to provide warmth, rustic-sophistication, texture to any room, peel and stick wood tiles make it easier for you. Commomy 3D wall tiles and peel and stick tiles are the best options for a whole new look for your living space. Our tiles result in a high-quality finish guaranteed durability and strength with its industrial bonding adhesive.


So, keep reading to discover which are the six areas to add a 3D peel and stick wood tiles in your home.

1.Decorate Your Living Room with 3D Wood Wall Panels:

The wood feature is the perfect way to decorate any residence easily. The living room is often the place you want to exhibit, especially if you enjoy the entertainment.  A living room is an area to create a warm and inviting space, and 3D wood tile or peel and stick wood tiles are perfect for decorating a wall.

3D Blue Green Horizontal Wooden Plank Peel and Stick Wall Tile

3D Blue Green Horizontal Wooden Plank Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Living Room Wall Decor

If you have a fireplace space, consider wood to make it the center of the room with peel and stick wood tiles. Chevron or Diagonal positioning can complement a fireplace beyond traditional horizontal or vertical layers. If you have a non-functioning fireplace, consider lining the inside with peel and stick wood tiles.

So, make the living room the centerpiece of your home with 3D peel and stick wood tiles.


2.Peel and Stick Wood Tiles on Bedroom:

An idea that works wonders for almost all bedroom designs and colorful themes is peel and stick wood tiles to create an accent wall behind the bed. It can be a whole accent wall or a part of the wall behind the bed that serves as the headboard. The color and texture of the peel and stick wood tile is a charming, eye-catching feature, which can effectively transform the back into a stunning look. In addition, this feature will help make your room feel comfortable. So, peel, stick, and relax.


3.Peel and Stick Tiles On Kitchen Backsplash

Yet another excellent place for wooden tiles in Kitchen. Kitchens have several places where the wood wall can add color and eye-catching contrast. You can put peel and stick wood tiles on one of the kitchen walls for a charming accent. Or what about enhancing the creativity of this room and enhancing its coziness with some beautifully textured wood kitchen backsplash tile? It is another clever idea to decorate your kitchen island with peel and stick wood tiles.

3D Narrow Striped Wood Peel and Stick Wall Tile

3D Narrow Striped Wood Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Kitchen Wall Decor

4.3D wall decor and peel and stick wood tiles in Bathroom:

A feature of 3D peel and stick wood tiles on the wall instantly adds character and style to any bathroom. A bathroom refresh can quickly be done on the weekend and can make your home feel new again with 3D peel and stick wood tiles. These wooden peels and stick tiles are easy-to-install, decorative decor that can transform your bathroom space into a stunning look. Just peel and stick tiles, then soak it all on the wall. It's a perfect solution to refreshing bathroom renovations.


5.3D peel and stick wood tiles in the laundry:

Although you may not have found the laundry room styling, it can be a great place to add some wood tiles. 3D peel and stick wood tiles look so attractive that you can even move to do your laundry more often! For example, what about installing peel and stick wood tiles behind open shelving units in this room to ignite?


6.Den with Peel and Stick Tiles:

Is the den an office? Or is it Television or a game room for the family? Or maybe it's a female cave, a male cave, or a human cave. How do you use a den? The den is sometimes called the family room, determining what kind of environment you want to create. Wooden walls in offices or areas for reading or study can provide a conducive environment for focused attention or quiet meditation.


Decide From Where to Start Peel And Stick Wood Tiles:

Your success in installing 3D peel and stick tiles for your wooden wall will determine where you start your project. The size of the wall in your room and the available space will affect your options.

The most common layout is left-to-right or right-to-left to maintain the level of peel and stick wood tiles. If the wall is angled in certain areas, you can start from the top or bottom of the wall.

What Are The Best Looks for Peel And Stick Wood Tiles?

There are many different styles of peel and stick wood tiles available for walls. There are wide striped wood peels, narrow striped wood peels, graffiti wood peels, hexagonal wood peels, wood grain peels, and stick wall tiles. These look clean and woodsy variation and simple charm. It's easy to find rich decorations in the shape of a wooden wall, while it's tough to find a home style that doesn't look good with a wooden wall.


Final Words:

3D wall decor or peel and stick wood tiles add a sense of style and texture to rooms that other materials do not provide. All you need to do is imagine how it fits into the rest of your room.

Some homeowners may prefer superficial striped wood peel and stick tiles, while others want to use graffiti peel and stick tiles. Patterns can range from vertical and horizontal to herringbone and zigzag. To explore how 3D peel and stick wood tiles might work in your home, ask us at Commomy. Commomy can help you pick out the right peel and stick tiles and install them too.

3D Light Brown Shiplap Wood Peel and Stick Wall Tile

3D Light Brown Shiplap Wood Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Living Room Wall Decor

Now it's your turn. Which is the perfect place in your home to peel-and-stick wood tiles of your lovely designs? Get inspired by looking at all the 3D wall decor and peel and stick wood tiles that we offer, and choose to improve the ambiance in your living space today. Here are the best selling peel and stick wall tiles recommend: The Best top 10 3D Peel and Stick Wall TileAnd you can get some more home decoration suggestions from My Decorative and The Spruce.